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"I had lower back pain for 6-8 years after shoveling my driveway. I had chronic lower back pain followed by severe sciatica down my left leg and a numb foot. My Doctor recommended shots and surgery.  I had tried physical therapy, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. My initial pain was a 10. Following chiropractic care the pain is a 2. I am now walking again without pain and running again!"

                                                                                     Seth M.

"I have 3 bulging disc in my lower back that has caused pain for over ten years.  I have seen an orthopedic doctor since the first time I injured myself and they prescribed therapy many times in the past. I altered my day to day life to avoid pain; I would use my putter to get the golf ball out of the hole.  I rated my pain a 7 out of 10 prior to seeing Doctor Ward. Now I would now rate my pain a 2 if anything! Chiropractic care has far surpassed any treatment I've had in the past"

                                                                                    Jon I.

“I’ve been going to a Chiropractor for 20 years, and I never had any real relief. I have now been seeing Dr. Ward for less than a year, and I can already see a 100% improvement. I would encourage anyone that may be nervous or scared to see a chiropractor to see Dr. Ward. He is very gentle and makes you feel comfortable. I think children especially would benefit from Dr. Ward’s gentle manner.”


“Dr. Ward is a consummate professional. He truly cares for his patients well being. I have seen relief from discomfort in my cervical spine area! I can tell a difference in my general well being & life outlook. I have recommended him to others & continue to do so. I bring my son to see him.”

                                                                                      Tom C.

“I have utilized David’s expertise in Chiropractic care for a lower back issue. He was thorough, good to work with and effective in services provided. I recommend David to any persons that I know that are in need of his area of expertise.”

                                                                                      Tom D.


“Dr. David Ward has a great compassion for his patients with a wonderful bedside manor. You can feel assured he has your best interest at heart. You can trust your "back" with him!”

                                                                                      Kay G.


“Dr. Ward is a tremendously caring, knowledgeable, and professional individual. I always receive comfortable and effective adjustments from Dr. Ward. His care is top notch.”

                                                                                      Chris W.

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